Define Hospitality
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About Us


“We believe hospitality is simple; make people feel special.”

Define Hospitality is much more than a booking agency and our focus is to support you before and after the booking has been made. There are so many cool vibrant events happening daily, we really are spoilt for choice.

So what makes us different?

We specialise in corporate client engagement. That means everything we do has your guests at the heart. Booking an event is easy.. but there is an art to making your guests feel special.

We support you to engage with your clients throughout the full process, from initial invite to follow up gift and everything in between. We work with you on areas such as ‘how to be a good host’, ‘what to wear when entertaining’ and ‘planning ROI on your annual hospitality spend’.

We keep our clients informed in industry trends, provide research and interviews with key individuals helping to provide insight and educate our clients to allow them to truly define their hospitality.

Why do we care?